Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan Update

The following is an update from Peter Hayman, Director of P J Hayman & Company Limited, responsible for arranging and providing Longstay & Backpacker extended stay travel insurance. In my 30 years in Travel Insurance, I have never known a

Longstay and Backpacker Coronavirus Travel Advice

Following the continued and updated news reports regarding the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in China, we would like to extend our sympathies to those who have been affected, clarify what cover may be available and provide information about the

How to reduce overtourism during a gap year

Overtourism may not be something you have considered while planning a gap year. You may have just pinpointed a couple of destinations you would love to visit. On the other hand, you may feel put off by some places due

Environmental Gap Year Programmes

Given the growing awareness of the need to look after the environment, environmental gap year programs have been growing in popularity. Many are now acutely aware of the need to preserve the planet and to protect endangered animals. You may

Teaching English Abroad with TEFL

Teaching English as a foreign language (or TEFL for short) has many benefits, not least of all that you can experience a foreign culture while you are doing so. In time you may also gain an in-depth understanding of your